Let’s get…….

Writing!  And re-writing. And editing. And proofreading. And, finally, publishing.  It is hard work being an author.  Only someone who has never tried to write a story suitable for publishing would say that writing is easy.  It requires dedication and discipline.  Unfortunately, the work does not stop there.  Marketing forms a large part of what an author has to do.  You see, many people just don’t understand that an author is in fact, an entrepreneur. By publishing a book, an author has become a business person.  After all, if the author does not promote their book, who will? And if the author doesn’t promote their book, how will anyone know it exists so that they can buy it?

Let’s encourage our authors, and support them as best we can.  Buy a book written by a local author, and then try an author you have never read before.  If you are a borrow-er and not a buyer, then support the author by putting a review on Goodreads.com and sending them a note to say what you enjoyed about the story.

You don’t have to spend money to support an author (although they will appreciate you purchasing their book).