They’re Your Rules – Break Them! | Douglas Kruger

Book Launch | 29 June 2017

Businessman, professional speaker and author Douglas Kruger, launched his latest book “They’re Your Rules – Break Them!” at Skoobs Theatre of Books, Montecasino.

This is the first launch I’ve been to where the author did all the talking – not surprising when you look at his c.v.!  Mr Kruger had the audience enthralled from beginning to end and all left thinking about things a little differently.

Without giving away all the book’s secrets, here are some of the tips this inspirational man had for us:

  • First look at what can be tinkered with (you don’t want to break the law!)
  • Which rules are people already breaking?
  • What if you suspended emotion and judgement and then relooked at it?
  • Would the outcome be different?
  • Does everybody look at the business in the same way you do?
  • If not, how can you change this?
  • What if you took all the rules away?
  • In reality, what would change?
  • Where has this problem been solved before?
  • If you have a problem, someone else has already solved it – find out who and how.
  • One of the best ways to improve your business is to experience it as a customer would.  Although a checklist may have its place, your experience as a customer is invaluable. Ask the question “What is awful about us?” Negative comments are pure gold because they highlight an area for immediate change.
  • What if free debate and discussion around the way, why and how things are done was a daily occurrence?  How could this improve your business?
  • Examine what it is that you actually sell (disruptive innovation).

These are a few of the areas addressed in this little book of gold!  For any person looking to improve their business, this is a book should be read.

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