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Dragons and swords and a damsel in a corset are what greeted guests on arrival at Skoobs Theatre of Books for the launch of the second Elemental novel by Toni Cox.  Although I have posted a YouTube video of much of this event, here are a few of the interesting things I learned about this author:

1. Writing was a way to overcome adversity.

 2. These stories have been waiting to be written for years.

3. There will be 34 novels in total for the Milky Way Galaxy and the Life Planets – after that, there are stories from the Andromeda Galaxy.

4. The next trilogy is set on Karakarr and will feature dwarfs!

5. The main characters are purely fictional and do not have the characteristics specific to anyone the author knows.

6. There may be some resemblance to well-known actors though! 

7. The second Elemental book is more exciting than the first.

8. Favourite author is Tony Park, but there is no such thing as a favourite book for this author.

9. Although book things take up 95% of her time, she does crochet and scrapbook.

10. Toni is currently working on a series of short stories.  Six months after these stories have been released; the final Elemental novel will be released.

11.  We also have a whole new Elvish language to look forward to (the alphabet is currently being written).

21 April 2017

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