Beautiful Chaos | Zaheera Walker


Book launches are always fun but this one was absolutely delightful!  

I was once again given the opportunity to meet some new and amazing people.  Ms Walker, dressed in black with high heel red shoes and carrying one red rose, was welcomed into the Champagne Bar at Skoobs Theatre of Books by Finley Ramannah (a classmate from her school days) singing All of Me by John Legend.  As this brought tears to my eyes, I was glad when fellow author Ashleigh Giannoccaro was introduced and began interviewing Ms Walker.  

One of the fun facts I discovered is that Ms Walker practices belly  dancing in her spare time!  It turns out that Ms Walker also writes erotica under a pseudonym – which she would not divulge BTW! Ms Walker talked a little of her writing process saying that she tries to incorporate a message in all of her writing – a message which comes from a South African perspective and is current to our society as it is today.  

Some of the people special to Ms Walker at this event came from a variety of areas: Auntie Ray who runs Little Choices, a venture helping teenage mothers; Emil Padia, who not only entertained us by playing the electric guitar, but also had some of his art works on display; Zulaikha Mahomed who runs a business called Pearls to Paradise, Zara Valli, also an author and the delightful Anusha Singh.  There were several Indie Authors in attendance including Jann Weeratunga who was displaying her amazing hand-made jewellery; Sorayya HendricksAshleigh GiannoccaroSian Claven amongst others.  People came from all over the country to support and congratulate this incredible author on the launch of her second novel – many of whom I have not mentioned.  Please watch the YouTube video of this event to spot them all.

All in all, an enchanting evening filled with love and laughter.

28 April 2017

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