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Kazungul - Blood Ties - Awakening of the Ancestral Curse (Paperback): Marcus L Lukusa

‘Write the stories you want to read’ is advice I often hear authors giving, but I believe that this is the first time I have actually experienced it.  Markus Lukusa has written an African Fantasy series (books I and II are now available) because these are the kind of stories he has always wanted to read.

Growing up in the DRC, he spent much time with grandparents in his mother’s home village.  Here he heard many stories and from a young age, started retelling these and his own stories, to his family and friends, to entertain and make them laugh.  Schooling in the DRC is very different to what I experienced growing up.  Here they are exposed to 12-14 subjects in primary school and up to 24 subjects in high school.  This meant that he not only gathered a lot of knowledge from school but also that he read (and still reads) a lot.  Mr Lukusa believes that this has given him a broad base of knowledge to draw from in his writing.  Mr Lukusa is a Black Belt Sensei and writes his stories on paper before typing them into a printable format.

Many other fascinating facts about this author were revealed, but you will have to watch the video to discover what they were.  Here are a few teasers:

  • Mr Lukusa has had several ‘unexplained’, possibly supernatural experiences in his life
  • How Kazungul was chosen as the name for this series
  • How the characters in these stories came into being
  • His experience of getting his novels published (no retreat and never surrender!)
  • His future writing and other plans along with many other interesting facts.

The artist for this series, Sharon Telling, spoke a little on how she and Mr Lukusa came to meet and her plans for future collaboration with him (think movies, figurines and companion books).

This was a fascinating evening with wonderful people to meet and of course, two more books on my TBR pile!

28 April 2017

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