Mpumalunga, Our Beautiful Province | Sabelo Mahlalela

Book Launch | 21 June 2017

A beautifully illustrated book accompanied by inspirational words, is an apt summary for both the book and the author.  Mr Mahlalela has compiled a series of photographs showcasing the majesty of the province of Mpumalanga, South Africa.  Each magical picture is accompanied by an inspirational saying or bible verse, to encourage the reader towards introspection.  After all, how can one not go inwards when confronted with such beauty!

Ms Leigh Harrison had a conversation with Mr Mahlalela to discover some of the why and how behind this publication.  One of the intentions is to showcase the beauty of South Africa (and Mpumalanga in particular) as a tourist destination – not only to people from outside South Africa, but also to remind South Africans of the amazing destinations in their own land.  After all, pictures do not lie!  However, the intention is not only to promote South Africa as a destination, but to inspire readers towards inward reflection in both their personal and professional lives through observing nature.  Relationships mimic nature, and if we take the time to think about and observe nature, we may learn a thing or two which could radically change our own way of thinking and thus our behaviour.

Mr Mahalela is determined to put this book into the hands of presidents, not just as a gift or as promotional material, but to sit down and talk with them about the importance of collaboration in protecting the assets God has given us – this incredible and abundant earth.  He noted that as a businessman, his greatest lessons have come from observing nature: lessons in teamwork, strategy, resources and so on.  Thus the words have come from those observations and also from the bible.  The mantra of ‘Learn From Nature’ should be emblazoned on everyone’s mind for if we do not take the time to observe nature, how can we learn from it and why would we protect it?

A stunning addition to anyone’s library, but better yet, a book to stimulate conversation if left out on a coffee table for the casual visitor.

Mr Mahlalela is Chairman of the SGM Foundation, a registered non-profit company striving to protect what God has created.  He is also Chairman of the Ziya Group (Pty) Ltd, a black-owned investment company in South Africa.

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