Sex, Pot and Politics | Lucie Pagé

Event Review: 20190117

Kim Hunter, Jay Naidoo, Lucie Pagé holding the book Sex, Pot and Politics
Kim Hunter, Jay Naidoo, Lucie Pagé

The first book launch of 2019 was brilliant!  Lucie Pagé is a well-known Canadian journalist with several books under her belt, but this one……..!

To get an idea of the many achievements of this lady visit her website.  She also discusses how cannabis has helped her and many others with life-threatening conditions.

Ms Pagé has done significant research into the use and history of cannabis and her question is “How can this incredible natural product, which has no harmful effects, be illegal when legal substances such as alcohol cause so much damage?” It all comes down to money and where money is involved, so are politics.  The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry which would be severely affected should the stigma and illegality of this plant and its products be removed. Once this happens, people can be given the correct information on how it can be used in the proper way to help with many severe medical conditions.

Sex, Pot and Politics is a tale of, well, sex, pot and politics!  A humourous political satire, all proceeds of this book will go towards research and legalisation of marijuana. This well attended launch was fun and educational and has set a magical tone for the year ahead.

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