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ReWeaving The Soul of the Nation

So many authors tell of the struggles which prompted their writing – not many tell of their struggles after publishing a book.  Ms Motsei published The Kanga and the Kangaroo Court: Reflections on the Rape Trial of Jacob Zuma which caused such a stir amongst the ‘powers that be’ that she ended up losing everything when her income generating work dried up. 

This amazing lady has worked for and achieved so much in her life including (but not limited to the following) a mother of three; qualifying as a nurse and midwife; nursing lecturer and social science researcher; a degree in psychology; founding ADAPT (Agisanang Domestic Abuse Prevention and Training); working in the Office of the Presidency to develop a policy for women’s empowerment leading to the establishment of the Commission on Gender Equality and participating in the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on the Status of Women; acting as a consultant to RADAR; researching the significance of rocks and water in African healing with the Freedom Park Trust out of which came the design of the Garden of Remembrance. She has climbed and reached the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro and received numerous awards for her humanitarian work and her writing: 2014 Mbokodo Creative Writing category; 2000 United Nations Habitat Scroll of Honor Award amongst others.  I could continue, but I challenge you to Google this inspiring woman!

The book being launched contains essays written after her isolation resulting from the publication of The Kanga. Tirelo Makgeledisa chatted with Ms Motsei to discover a little more of the motivations and inspirations behind her life and writing:

  • I’m a scatterbrain and tend to work out of chaos!
  • It took many years and much rebellion to finally accept the gifts I have been given.
  • I’ve accepted that I must listen to the voice, then meditate over what has been said and then act on it.  The voice always comes from a place of love.
  • I was hit so many times, that I had to surrender, to accept and live the gifts.
  • Forgiveness comes from a place of self-interest – why should I carry a burden?  Wouldn’t I feel better if I did not?
  • Forgiveness also comes from a place of self-love – I’m too special to carry this weight and I love to travel light!
  • It is irrelevant whether the person you are forgiving accepts this forgiveness or not.
  • We all have a ‘voice’ that directs us – call it what you will, but it comes from a place of love and if we listen, we will not go wrong.
  • We should all give ourselves the space to make mistakes – the key is to learn from them.
  • Writers must allow themselves to write rubbish – it’s all about practice.  Do not become attached to your words, and let them go when you are finished.

I am simply unable to find enough superlatives for this lady and how joyous I felt after meeting her.  How lucky am I to be able to meet people like this?  To encourage the good feelings after this interview, Ezibe Moilwa entertained us with song and music to which we all danced, spreading the good vibes throughout Monte Casino!

Personally, I cannot wait to read ReWeaving the Soul of the Nation by Mmatshilo Motsei.

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