Speaker Savvy | Bronwyn Hesketh

24 May 2017

Bronwyn Hesketh is a woman who has built her business on the four pillars of Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, and Trust.  Years in the industry have brought her to the point of writing and publishing some of the things she talks about on a daily basis.  Speaker Savvy is a witty, straightforward look at the public speaking arena from her perspective.

Jacques De Villiers chatted with Ms Hesketh and managed to elicit some interesting facts from her.  Her career became a passion when she listened to Alison Down speak of the traumatic events which occurred in 1994  and noticed that the audience was completely enraptured – there was no shifting in seats, no papers being rustled and ended with a standing ovation.  This got her analyzing what it was that made Ms Down such captivating speaker.  Ms Hesketh describes herself as a mom (she homeschools her daughter) and a driven, passionate control freak who loves good wine!  Time to write was only available between 4am and 6am and so she snagged an accountability buddy to ensure that her writing happened in a reasonable timeframe.  Ms Hesketh noted that the writing was easy as it is a reflection of conversations she has on a daily basis.  She decided to write the book because so many people ask the same questions.  There are many resources available to speakers but none which reflect the business side of speaking – niche = grab it!

During the chat, Ms Hesketh told some tales of the darker side of her business in a very humourous way and how she has taken those experiences as learning events.  Ms Hesketh was straightforward in her manner, telling the audience that speakers do not need an agency if they are willing to put in the time and effort of building their speaking business.  She also chose self-publishing because she was keen to be involved in every step of the process (did you see control freak above!) and was not willing to subject herself to rejection from the publishing houses.

What does the future hold for Bronwyn Hesketh, the author?  The book will be regularly updated as the industry changes and there may be another book in the future.  She is also presenting a radio show on hashtag radio in Cape Town.

Her big news for the evening the announcement of the purchase of Conference Speakers International.  What an inspiration this lady is.  I, for one, will be following her as she continues to grow her business and will be encouraging her to write more about this very interesting industry.

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