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27 May 2017: Book Launch

Life, in a Garden hosted Steven Boykey Sidley for the launch of his latest novel, Free Association, a story of a podcaster whose life spirals out of control.

From his website: ‘Steven Boykey Sidley has divided his adult life between the USA and South Africa. He has meandered through careers as an animator, chief technology officer for a Fortune 500 company, jazz musician, software developer, video game designer, private equity investor and high technology entrepreneur. He currently lives in Johannesburg with his wife and two children.’

The author noted that he began reading at an early age and that one of his favourite authors was Mordecai Richler.  As a writer, he finds that he is not as disciplined as his wife (who is a writer for magazines and newspapers and has authored her own book).  He takes time whenever he can to add to his story, but this is not necessarily a daily occurrence.  The book Entanglement started as an email refuting a friend’s viewpoint – showing that an idea for a story can come from even the most mundane of tasks.

Pod casting has become more popular since its inception.  Did you know that podcasting emerged out of audio blogging?  There is a huge variety of podcasts to choose from, and after discovering the diversity and popularity of podcasting, Mr Sidley had the beginnings of Free Association.  Much research went into the writing of this book to ensure its veracity to the reader.

Some quick Boykey facts:

  • Music is a distraction to writing.
  • There is a group of people in his head for whom he writes – actual readers are a bonus!
  • He is  unable to choose an all-time favourite author – the choice is too big.
  • Mark Winkler has written an outstanding novel called The Safest Place You Know.
  • He is unable to read any more of David Eddings’ books as the last one was just awful.

This was a quiet, interesting launch in the wonderful setting of Life, in a Garden.  Thanks to Mandi Friedman for hosting this event.

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