The Subtlety of Malevolence | Unathi Mntonintshi

Book Launch | 26 June 2017

Deborah Du Plooy and myself at the launch of The Subtlety of Malevolence

‘Marriage (and the family) remains the most attacked institution on earth.  Much has been written about how to make the marriage work but very little about how we get into marriage.  In most cases, the manner in which we enter into marriage determines whether that marriage will flourish and stand the inevitable attacks that all marriages experience.’ (from the ‘blurb’ on the back cover)

In this book, Mr Mntonintshi has taken the time to explore the reasons behind the importance and relevance of pre-marital counselling.  Our lives are based on relationships, and the state of our hearts determines how those relationships influence our lives.  The author has used the Christian bible as a reference on which to base guidance to all people entering the most significant of relationships, marriage.  Here are some quotes from the book which have had an impact on me:  

  • Genders were not made to be compared but rather to complement each other.
  • Love is not a tool with which to reward those who perform very well.
  • Receiving is a consequence of giving.
  • Giving is not a result of abundance.
  • People tend to obsess over what they want instead of thinking about what they are bringing to the relationship.
  • Fear is something that manifests in the heart.
  • The state of the heart tends to determine the type of people that it will attract or that will be attracted to it.
  • Weaknesses are not supposed to be protected but instead dealt with by addressing the root cause.
  • The mouth will say whatever is in abundance in the heart and therefore is the puppet of the heart.
  • Money and resources should never dictate the terms of a marriage.
  • Kindness and giving are only risks when people give with the intention of receiving in return.
  • The reality of life is that the most influential person in each person’s life is him/herself .

Although this book is aimed at people wishing to enter into a Christian marriage, it is relevant reading for everyone.  We are all in relationships of one sort or another.  This book will prompt you to look at your heart and reflect upon your intentions – it has certainly done this for me.

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