Legacide | Richard Mulholland

Book Launch | 4 July 2017

“Innovation is not about changing your product; it’s about changing your mindset.  It’s not about doing something new, it’s about doing something old.  Basically, this entire book rehashes these two lines in as many ways as ground-breaking (if you dropped him off a high platform wearing heavy shoes) business thinker Richard Mulholland was able to do in around 120 pages.  That said, changing the legacy mindset is not easy, but hot-dam, it’s worthwhile.  Legacide hopes to do just that.”

Arriving in their spiffy work attire, people at this event were greeted by a speaker in a sweatshirt and jeans – his work attire!  Richard Mulholland entranced and entertained the crowd with his straightforward manner.  From rock-band roadie to business owner, this man keeps asking the question ‘why’.  His way of explaining concepts that seem complicated, in a simple and honest way was refreshing.

  • Legacy thinking is killing innovation – what is legacy thinking and how do we overcome it? 
  • Business culture is a series of permission given on how people behave – what are these and how do they affect the business? 
  • Re-designing a logo does NOT change a brand – why?
  • When last did you look at what the customer expected vs what they received?

Wow! Such an interesting man with a wealth of knowledge, which he shared freely with those who attended.

Legacide is a book that can be read in an hour or two and yet still have an impact on growing your business through looking at things differently.

Keep an eye on this innovative thinker – every business owner should have read his book ‘Legacide’ to move them from good to great.

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