Trish Jenkins | Weapons of Cash Destruction

Book Launch | 11 July 2017

Often, the most enjoyable times are those that are spontaneous – when you’ve grabbed at an opportunity placed in front of you.  This was the case with this special Business Book Club event.  Trish Jenkins is an author and speaker from Australia who happened to be available on this night to chat to us about how she came to be imprisoned by unwittingly committing fraud.

The cost of entry to this event was, as always, the donation of a book to the Signature Library in Soweto.  Jacques Velleman introduced and chatted to Ms Jenkins.  This author has written two books (one aimed at men and one aimed at women) describing the events leading up to her incarceration.  A third book has also been published containing journal entries from when she was in prison.

The majority of humans experience the same emotions, and guilt, compassion and empathy are often at the top of the list.  These emotions can over-power our values and judgment at times and when they do, we find ourselves in deep water.  This is what happened to Ms Jenkins and the result of her emotions overwhelming her values, ended with her serving eight months in jail after two years of police investigation, resulting in bankruptcy and the loss of all of the family’s assets.  Some of her advice from the lessons she has had to recognise and learn are:

  • Monitor your thoughts all the time.
  • Examine your values and keep them front and centre in all dealings.
  • Be aware of the people you are dealing with because even though their values may seem to be in line with yours, in reality, they may not be.
  • See how the people you are dealing with behave when they are not in your company as this will give a good indication of their real values.
  • Be aware of how the people you are dealing with phrase things.  If they are repeating phrases you have said, this might be a ploy to make you think they are of the same mind as you.

This is only a fraction of what the author had to share.  It was such a delight to have met and spent time with this inspiring author.

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