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Own Your Industry | Douglas Kruger

Book Launch | 18 July 2017

How often are you treated to both a mini-workshop and a motivational presentation?  Well if you were one of the invited guests, this is exactly what you got! Mr Kruger invited professional speakers to come to a mini-workshop before the launch to show how the psychology behind this presentation is designed for maximum impact.  It was fascinating and touched on not only humour (the good and bad kind) and content, but also the speaker’s introduction to the guests and the ways in which a speaker could behave whilst onstage.  The psychology behind the structure of the presentation was fascinating and the fact that the talk is designed around it was intriguing.  I believe that all who attended benefitted from this talented young man.

The launch followed a while later with Mr Kruger giving the full presentation to the audience – it was odd to know why a comment made me laugh or why a story sparked emotion, but nonetheless, I enjoyed the presentation.

Mr Kruger has based his book on ’50 ways to….’ which makes the book easily readable, but practical too.  If you are looking at how to position yourself as an industry leader, this is the book for you.

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