The Deeper the Sorrow, The Stronger the Spirit | Alexandra Levin

Book Launch | 13 July 2017

Black and white balloons tied to the balustrades created an intimate setting for this truly beautiful launch.  Red rose candleholders glowed in the background when the lights dimmed for the start of the performance.  A superb monologue followed, accompanied by music showing that much time and effort was put into the preparation for this show.  Amongst famous quotes and paragraphs from the book there were little nuggets of information on the author’s life.  Tragedy finds everyone at some point in life – great or small, it is something everyone experiences.  It is how we recover and learn to walk again that makes us a survivor or keeps us as a victim.

The author has interviewed numerous people who have experienced the worst life has to offer – tragedies to break one’s heart and soul.  And yet, they have survived – not only survived, but have found a way to overcome the tragedies to live the lives they were born for.

‘This is not a book of victims, but one of survivors, a testament to man’s capacity to stand up and reach for another day.’  Thank you Ms Levine, for taking the time to talk to these survivors and to listen and write about what they had to say.

This is one of the most enjoyable and possibly the most outstanding, launches that I have attended to date.

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