A Child of the Promise | Sabelo Mahlalela

Book Launch | 17 July 2017

Available from SGM Publishing

‘One man’s search for answers through experience’ is the tagline on the invitation, so I was interested to see what this author was questioning and what he discovered on his journey.  The author told his entranced audience that the book began as a series of observations that it did not matter what some people touched, it just seemed to turn to gold, that they were destined to succeed.

As a Christian, Mr Mahlalela has been reading the bible and came across the story of God promising Abraham and his descendants blessings from generation to generation.  So the observations, thinking and questioning began……

Although this is a book about a journey this author experienced, he is quick to note that it is not an autobiography, but rather a telling of how he, through observation, thought, reflection and questioning his own life,  has concluded that we are ALL ‘A Child of the Promise’.  Although Mr Mahlalela states that he is not a scholar of the bible, he noted that he is a curious man who wants to understand more about himself and his relationship with God.  If you wish to discover how you can call upon the blessings given to the descendants of Abraham, this is a must-read!

There is a future book fermenting in his incredible brain at this time dealing with socio-economic and political matters.  The inspiration has come from Mr Nelson Mandela.  Mr Mahlalela said that he was thinking about the time when Mr Mandela was released from prison and putting himself in this man’s shoes.  What was he thinking and feeling?  What was he going to say and do?  It would be critical to ensure that every word spoken on that day was considered as it could bring either hope or despair to an entire nation.  His actual words were ‘….I greet you all in the name of peace, freedom and democracy for all.’  Mr Mahlalela noted that the use of the word ‘all’ twice in his first sentence is very significant – he wanted peace, freedom and democracy for ALL South Africans.  25 years have passed since this speech was made and yet this man’s goals have not been achieved.  Mr Mahlalela stated that his contribution to helping the country to reach these goals would be a book which raises the issues holding us back and offering practical possibilities and solutions to these problems.  Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

I look forward to seeing what this amazingly thoughtful man will bring to the world in the future.

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