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Book Launch | 27 July 2017

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Although attended by many people, this was an intimate, emotional experience.  Ms Booth has written a book describing her experiences over a period of time dealing with various health issues.  Her message……

  1. Know your family health history – you will be surprised at what you learn.   When you are aware of your family’s health history, it can help you understand what is happening in your own body.
  2. The discussion of menstrual cycles and other such topics must be taken off the ‘taboo’ list – afterall, if we don’t talk about these things, how are we to know what is normal and what is odd?
  3. Listen to your body – severe pain is not normal and should not be ignored.  Pain is a warning sign so do not be afraid to get checked.
  4. Partners need to be aware of each other, as the support of a partner is invaluable during a crisis.
  5. Do not be embarrassed or scared to get a second opinion.  More information means more understanding.  Remember, it is your body and you have the right to choose who is going to invade it.
  6. Understand that there may be complications – which need to be explained by your doctor – so be sure that you are comfortable with your health care provider.
  7. The will to live can become fragile so your support network is vital.  Some friends may need to be released from your life because they are of the ‘sunny day’ variety.
  8. We underestimate the impact surgery has on our being.  Emotional trauma is suffered along with the physical.  You need your support network to be strong and on-hand for you.

The Booth Education and Sport Trust is a venture which is close to her heart.  ‘The Trusts ‘vision’ is to inspire the joy of reading and at the same time help lay the basic foundation of learning which is to read! We also believe that education and sport go hand-in-hand and therefore want to encourage physical activity by organising football clinics.’

I was delighted to be asked to chat with Ms Booth for this launch – a wonderful lady with a strong message.

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