The Choppee Journey | Choppee (Yusuf Essa)

Book Launch | 31 July 2017

Family and friends turned out en masse to support the launch of the debut book from this author.  Dress code for the event was formal and all the ladies had their sparkles on accompanied by men dressed in jackets and ties – what fun!  The author himself re-lived his hot dog vendor days by entering with a chef’s cap, apron and a tray of hot dogs!

Mahendra Raghunath was an excellent M.C. for the event, introducing Mr Brian Chaplog (CEO of the Estate Agency Affairs Board) as the keynote speaker and then Ms Kuli Roberts who elegantly questioned Choppee (Yusuf Essa) on various aspects of the book.

‘An inspiring read for all aspiring entrepreneurs’ is the tagline of a book which takes the reader through this entrepreneur’s journey from humble beginnings as a hot dog vendor to success as an international property broker.  Choppee thanked God and his family, especially his mother and brother for all the support they have given him and his wife, Shazia on this journey.

Family has played a significant role in this man’s life.  As a youngster he was disinterested in school, always dreaming of how to make enough money to ensure his mother’s well-being.  Little did he know at that time that his route to financial freedom would come from property.

A well-attended event full of fun, laughter and great people.

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