The Book Club Cookbook: Eat Your Words | Louise Gelderblom

 Book Launch | 17 August 2017

Sometimes, life delivers the unexpected!  This was definitely the case this evening for the launch of The Book Club Cookbook: Eat Your Words.  Louise Gelderblom was a fascinating, down-to-earth and amusing host.  The intimate gathering allowed for plenty of audience participation on a subject which is dear to all of our stomachs – food!  Along with the tale of how the author became fascinated with food and its preparation practically from birth, was how this book came into being.  Being a member of the ‘Eat Your Words’ book club for more than 20 years, has shown Ms Gelderblom one constant – the host/ess is so flustered and exhausted by the time the guests arrive that they are unable to enjoy the gathering.  Ms Gelderblom has collected a series of recipes which will allow for delicious and easy to prepare meals for a get-together without having to spend hours shopping, preparing and cooking the meal.

One of the challenges experienced by this ceramic artist was quantifying the ‘about a spoon’ of this and a ‘sprinkle’ of that in the recipes she has been cooking for years.  No strange or odd ingredients are used in this cookbook but the combination of ‘noble ingredients’ (which are fresh and of the best quality ingredients) make for tasty, easy to prepare meals.

Her answers to some of the questions asked:

Q: Are you more of a reader or more of a cook? 

A: More of reader because I really enjoy eating food others have prepared.

Q: How did you end up with this selection of recipes?

A: Libby (from Quiver Publications) and I brainstormed the types of people who belong to book clubs.  We settled on 9 types of groups and the selection process began.  It needed to be a list which could accommodate all of these groups.  We also discovered that book clubs work in different ways – some have a high monetary contribution from their members while others have little or no monetary contribution from their members, so this also had to be taken into consideration.   Among the groups are members who don’t eat meat, or are gluten intolerant, have high protein diets and so on.  This book contains recipes taking all these dietary foibles into consideration.

Q: What staples do you always have in your pantry or fridge?

A: Onion, garlic, chili, good olive oil, nice crumbly mature cheddar or parmesan cheese and tomatoes.  I also use very little specialized equipment – a hand blender, sharp knives, plastic chopping boards which can be properly disinfected and lots of wash cloths!

Q: Favourite authors?

A: Kent Haruf; Miriam Toews; Stephanie Alexander

Q:  What’s your best meal?

A: One that has 5 vegetables that I can prepare in under 30 minutes!

Q: What’s the worst thing that has been presented to you at a book club dinner?

A: An unfortunate chia seed pudding!  It looked like purple tinged cement with little hard things in it.

Q: How do you think your artistic background influences your cooking?

A: I’m always interested in food and so I cook in a mindful and conscious manner, the same attitude I have with ceramics.

Quite frankly, this launch was one of the most entertaining I have been to this year.  Thank you Ms Gelderblom and Quivertree Publications for a memorably entertaining evening.

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