Tango With Text Cover Reveal Cavalieri Della Morte

Beautifully Brutal | Dani Rene | Cavalieri Della Morte

In a world ravaged with violence, I still think about the beauty who was taken from me. I’ve turned rabid in her absence. The dormant beast she had tamed is ravenous, feeding on brutality and bloodshed. 

I focus on the kill, until Arthur confesses his trump card, shattering every hope I had of reclaiming her. Focused on the job at hand, I step into the lion’s den, only to find nothing is as it seems. 

My beast hungers to be satiated.

And my beauty is the only one who can feed it.

A dark treacherous journey where happily ever after may be just out of reach.

Cavalieri Della Morte
Cover Design: Jay Aheer (Simply Defined Art)

Photographer: Eric Battershell
Model: Zeke Samples

TBR: http://bit.ly/BeautifullyBrutalTBR

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