Tango With Text Study

Life has a funny way of…..


29 May 2019

Tango With Text Study

So, I’ve been a little quiet on this blog for a while because I have been busy with Touch and Learn – handcrafted books and felt products for children – and I find it difficult to switch channels! However, life has a funny way of pointing us in a direction and although I am still very taken up with TAL, I had a little wake-up call, reminding me that Tango With Text is just as important as all the other ventures I am involved in.

I was invited to chat about self-publishing on SAFM with Ayanda Allie Paine today. I find it very difficult to be put on the spot like that – although I can chat about self-publishing ad nauseam to individuals or groups! So, never for one minute think that I do not understand what you as an author feel each time you are asked to speak publicly.

A touchy subject or two were brought up such as the use of alias’ for real people in a story. I hope that my point was made that it is very important to have the permission of the people you are including in your story, even if you are making it fictional. The financial implications can be horrendous if a law suit or two are filed. You need to be aware of your obligations as a writer when you are telling a story about real-life events. Consult a lawyer, those Rands will be well-spent.

We also talked about the questions I am most frequently asked. Those all revolve around marketing – how to get your book sold. This can be a trial as oftentimes, authors are true introverts, and marketing inevitably involves putting yourself out there. There are strategies you can use but any marketing needs YOU to do the work.

So, how do you become a successful author? The answer is simple – keep promoting your book(s) and adding to your library of work. The more you have to sell, the easier it all becomes to attract people who want to read your work. Your work deserves to be read, so write it and keep working towards that ‘award winning best-selling author’ status!