Book cover Rock Chick

Rock Chick Series | Kristen Ashley

The Rock Chick Series | Kristen Ashley

3 July 2019

Book cover Rock Chick

This has to be one of my all-time favourite series, one of which I listen to at least once a year.

In this series, each book focusses on one Rock Chic and their troubles. The alpha males who claim the Rock Chicks are H O T! The first is a novella and describes how Daisy and Marcus get together and, in a later story, how she is drawn into the Rock Chick fold. The series then moves onto Indy, Jet, Roxy, Jules, Ava, Stella, Sadie and Ally with a final novella containing Shirleen’s story.

It always fascinates me how authors manage to keep the tone of the stories in a series consistent and yet make the characters so different. From ice cold, to hot and feisty, these characters do not disappoint. Kidnappings, shootings, car chases and explosions carry the action while the couples keep all the feels real. My least favourite of the series – Rock Chick Reborn because a different narrator was used for this novella and regrettably, she just did not compare well to Ms Jones. My favourite must be Sadie’s story (Rock Chick Regret) because of what she has to overcome to find her HEA.

Susannah Jones narrates this series – in my opinion, a brilliant choice! It is wonderful to find a series of this length in which the narrator manages to keep the characters separate throughout. Ms Jones does a stellar job.

Overall, one of my favourite series containing humour and angst, as any good romance should! For those concerned with sexual content, this series rates low on the scale (not very graphic).

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