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Post A Day | #64

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Time. Sometimes it feels like we don’t have enough, and yet at others, it feels like we have too much! Why is this? I believe that we have become so rigid in our belief that time is a clock – a physical thing – that we have lost touch with the fact that it isn’t. Everything we do is managed via ‘the time’. We wake to an alarm, then we perform a sequence of tasks within an allotted amount of time, before we move onto the next chunk of time where we perform another sequence of tasks, etc, and this is how our days are managed. What if time by the clock was just the fabrication of a concept?

Time-keeping devices have been around almost since the dawn of man and were used more as a tool to monitor the passing of seasons rather than hours in a day. As man became more and more sophisticated, so did the devices used to measure time. In fact, the measuring of time has become so sophisticated that it has its own standard measuring device against which all time-keeping devices are calibrated. The Atomic Clock is based on the properties of an element called caesium and is apparently accurate to many billionths of a second. 

So, if I take myself out of this research rabbit hole, because, wow! fascinating! and return to my initial question of ‘what if time by the clock was just the fabrication of a concept?’ What is the concept? The concept is a thought some bright spark had about regulating something. It may have been a priest wanting to let people know how long they should pray for; it might have been a scholar wanting to wake his students so they could all be present for teaching; it might have been a warlord looking to see how much punishment a person could take – you can let your imagination run wild here because of course, we cannot know who first came up with the concept – we can only see the results of that concept becoming a reality.

However it began, we now run our lives according to the clock and I for one, am so tired of this. Waking at a specific time so that I am not late for work; working until I can stop for a certain period until I can eat; working for another set period of time until I can make my way home; the list goes on and on.

This is one of the reasons why I created my business, so that I would not be bound by the clock. Of course, that was a misguided idea because all my clients are bound by the clock and therefore, so am I; but I am continually rebelling against this. I am so much more productive when I allow my body to manage the clock than when I allow my brain to manage the clock. By going to bed when I am tired and waking when I have had the rest my body dictates I need, I am just a better person all around.

However I look at this, I cannot step out of my physical time-bound brain and into the thought of time being ephemeral. Time simply is. The sun rises and sets; the day is light and the night is dark and this marks the passage of time. The trick here is to manipulate the brain to think about time differently, so that we are not constantly running out of it or having too much of it. If you hate your job, find another. If you cannot find another and feel stuck in the one you have, find ways to change your thoughts about it. Instead of saying ‘I hate my job’ start reminding yourself of all the little things that you do enjoy about it. Keep a list with you all the time and write down everything that makes you happy. I think you will be surprised at how much there actually is! Once you change your mind-set around your job, your job will also change and you will be happier for it. All aspects of your life can be manipulated in this way. Instead of looking at all the things you don’t enjoy about something, start listing all the things you do enjoy. Change your attitude and life looks a whole lot better!

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