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20 October 2019

With the intention of becoming more disciplined with my writing, I am going to be writing one post every day until the end of the year. According to this website, there are 72 days left until Dec 31 2019. That means sitting down EVERY day for 72 days to write something……anything, on this blog.

I’m going to start small with a target of 300 words per post and try and build that up as I go.

The intention is not the word count, but the discipline of doing this daily. I acknowledge that there may be days that I won’t want to write but keeping the momentum going is what I’m working towards.

I may write total nonsense or it may be profound – mostly it will just be something that has popped into my head when I wake up. I doubt it will be book related 100% of the time, but hey! Give me a break!!

I’m counting ANYTHING I post towards the goal and this will include reviews of books and book events, marketing for authors etc in which I may receive the information from the authors or PR teams. 

So, who wants to join me on my ‘disciplined writing’ journey?

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