Post a Day | #71 - Imagination

21 October 2019

I generally think of myself as a ‘night owl’. Last night I surfed the interwebs for a couple of hours – because that’s what we do!!- to find websites with writing prompts. I found some great ones and some average ones. But when I woke up this morning, I had ‘imagination’ on the brain, so here I am writing about imagination.
There isn’t one person on this planet that does not have an imagination. Yes, even YOU have an imagination, but it is where we direct our imagination that makes us the person we are.
I have noticed that every now and then I have a little sight of what is going to happen and I think that what I’ve done since I realised this, is imagined the worst scenario in the belief that it won’t happen. The first incident that I remember clearly happened when I was in high school. We lived about two kilometres from school and I rode my metallic pink bicycle to school and home every day. This often meant that I was holding things in my hands on the handlebars while I was riding and as I was going home one summer’s day I saw the rolled up tube of papers I was holding dip and catch in the spokes of the front wheel. A minute or two later, that is exactly what happened. The tube dipped, caught in the spokes and I flew off my bike. I was pretty banged up and very shocked. That day, no one I knew stopped on the road and I ended up walking the rest of the way home with blood trickling down my legs and off my fingers. I wore the scars on my body of that accident for years.
The point here is not the scars on my body, but the scars on my mind. From that day forward, I BELIEVED that if I ‘saw’ something, it would happen. The way that I have used this ever since that day, is to imagine the worst case scenario so that it will NOT happen. I know this seems backwards, and perhaps it is. But if I can imagine the worst and make it not happen, the result is that the best will happen. I think that what this accident did for me was put me in a negative creativity space which I now need to turn around. Part of this blog a day exercise is doing just that. You see, discipline is key to much of what we do in our daily lives. I now see myself sitting at my computer every morning to write a post. If I can make that happen, why can’t I make other things happen? Instead of imagining the worst, why can’t I imagine the best?
My challenge to you today is to imagine the best so that it can manifest in your life because if you don’t imagine the best for you, who will?
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