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25 October 2019

There are many reasons why I read. Well, listen actually, to stories. I want my brain occupied with something while I work on things which don’t need my total concentration. As I sew for a living, I am almost constantly listening to a story. I have no desire to listen to the radio because I cannot stand the inane topics the presenters talk about. Although I enjoy music, there is too much talking in between the songs. Perhaps I could listen to CD’s (are those still around?) or stream something. That seems like too much work when I can simply select a story from my library, download it and press play. And I always have the next one lined up and ready to go before the current one is finished.
I learn all sorts of interesting things from the stories I read. I learn about relationships, I find ‘people’ I identify with and discover new parts of the world in ways I would never otherwise experience. An author I know once said that she can talk to anyone and will always find something in common with strangers she talks to – all through reading books. I think this is true. It might be fiction (my preference) but it still gives me a different view of the world.

I want to be entertained.

I want my views to be challenged.

I want to see how ‘people’ like me, live their lives.

I want hope.

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