Post A Day | #60

Post A Day | #60 - Card Decks

8 November 2019

As I write this, I am watching a video on how to create a card deck. Although I have clients who make their own, it is not something that I have thought of doing for myself. However, if my clients are doing them, I need to know about them.

Here are some of the highlights of this webinar:

What is the ultimate purpose of the cards? Whatever is on the card MUST speak to the purpose of the deck. Some words for determining the purpose of the deck might include:

  • Engage – recipes; yoga poses; tips for exercise fanatics (the person must do something after reading the card)
  • Educate – actions, task orientated; question and answer;
  • Enhance – an addition to your book; make your message easier/ clarify; character/ symbol cards from a fiction novel; have a bonus tip on the card to take them back into the book; a workshop take-away
  • Encourage – motivate; inspire; keep people on track;
  • Empower- give a provocative question; a motivation to take action

Remember that cards have two sides. Will yours have a side common to all the cards or will both sides be different?

What an interesting webinar. Once I find a printer in South Africa able to print cards at a reasonable price, I will certainly look further into this.

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