Post A Day | #63 - NOT!

5 November 2019

Hmmmmmm. So, NOT a post a day. It seems that I am unable to develop a new habit. What is it about my level of commitment that makes this a seeming impossibility for me? This is something I will have to think about.

The last couple of days has been busy, but not so busy that I could not have found half an hour to write a post. I tackled something completely new this last week – ‘proof-listening’. During this process, one needs to read the story while listening to the narration to pick up any errors. It took significantly longer than I thought it would, but what an interesting experience. To be a part of the production of an audiobook was an eye-opener! And, so much fun. It was quite tedious because I don’t have software specific to this, so I listened in my media player and it was impossible to go back just a few seconds to find the location of the error for the narrator. Each time it would go back at least 30 seconds and I had to re-listen to all of that to find the moment of the error. One thing is for sure – it takes a lot of concentration to read and listen at the same time. My eyes kept wanting to move forward to see what was going to happen next! It was such an interesting story and had me in tears.

I am also proofreading a manuscript at the moment. This is also very tedious because there are so many errors.  Once again, I see the results from a vanity press. It breaks my heart when I see the results from people who do not know what they are doing. Many vanity publishers are appearing because they cannot find someone to publish their own book. This is something I have heard many, many times but the problem here is that their lack of knowledge is costing the author thousands. I can only try to fix what they have messed up to ensure that the authors work is the best it can be.

I am attending a fair this weekend with my felt books. The only problem is that I changed the design and of course, I now don’t have stock, so I am sewing like mad! I also have ideas floating around in my head that I feel the need to try out. I am in two minds as to whether this is great or just my way of procrastinating – another thing to think about.

On top of all of this, I revealed my ‘secret project’ last Friday. I was a little nervous but it was well received. I am part of an Indie Authors group which meets once a month. One of the original goals was to have a place where authors could advertise their books, to let the world know of their achievement. The first attempt did not work out, but I hope that that was more because the designer was distracted rather than from a lack of interest from the indie author community. If you want to see how this is coming along, visit As time permits, I will be working more and more on this site.


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