Post A Day | #62 November Fun!

06 November 2019

So much is happening at the moment. Is it because there are just 56 days to go until the end of the year and everyone suddenly thinks that time is running out? Time is infinite and never runs out. We place time restrictions on ourselves and this gives the illusion that there is not enough time – but there really is. I promise ūüôā

November is a great month and heralds lovely things to celebrate, research or simply think about:

  • November¬†1¬†National Authors’ Day
  • November¬†1¬†Cookie Monster Day
  • November¬†1¬†Plate Tectonics Day
  • November¬†2¬†Look for Circles Day
  • November¬†3¬†Clich√© Day
  • November¬†4¬†King Tut Day
  • November¬†5¬†Book Lovers Day (first Saturday)
  • November¬†5¬†International Games Day (first Saturday)
  • November¬†6¬†Saxophone Day
  • November¬†7¬†International Tongue Twister Day
  • November¬†8¬†National Parents as Teachers Day
  • November¬†8¬†National Young Readers Day (second Tuesday)
  • November¬†8¬†National STEM/STEAM Day
  • November¬†10¬†Sesame Street Day
  • November¬†11¬†National Origami Day
  • November¬†11¬†Remembrance Day
  • November¬†11¬†Veterans Day
  • November¬†14¬†Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day
  • November 15¬†I Love to Write Day
  • November 16¬†International Day of Tolerance
  • November 17¬†Use Less Stuff Day
  • November 19¬†Equal Opportunity Day
  • November 20¬†Absurdity Day
  • November 22¬†Start Your Own Country Day
  • November 23¬†Fibonacci Day
  • November 24¬†Thanksgiving USA (fourth Thursday)
  • November 24¬†Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
  • November 28¬†Red Planet Day

Now tell me, doesn’t this give you loads of ideas for blog posts?

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