Things I've Learned To Do On Goodreads

01 February 2020

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Goodreads is the place to go for any reader. There you can search for books you think you might want to read but think you’d like to see what others thought before you spend your hard-earned moollah.

Goodreads is a virtual space that was designed for READERS like you and me and even though the majority of the reading world gasped in horror when Amazon bought it, it remains the place for readers to search for the books they want to buy.

Goodreads is also your ‘library’ of books you have read, are currently reading and want to read in the future – in all formats. I often go to my ‘Want to read’ list to find something when I’m not really sure what I’m in the mood for. I’ll always find something I shelved – often months or even years ago. In ‘My Books‘ I can sort the titles I’ve shelved over the years to quickly see what I’ve read and what I want to read along with by author, rating (mine), the average rating (everyone’s), date read and date added.

I listen to audiobooks, that’s my passion and so I’ve created a shelf for audiobooks and I now tag all my audiobooks with this shelf (along with read, or want to read etc). I didn’t know you could add shelves! Here’s how:

Go to My Books and under your current shelves there is a button that says (astonishingly) Add Shelf.

If you want to edit your current shelves you can do this by clicking on the ‘edit’ button next to Bookshelves.

Goodreads add shelf

I have favourites! Books that I read again, sometimes more than once! I love the Goodreads Challenge (decide on the number of books you are going to read in a year, and then see if you can make your target) but have always struggled to add my ‘rereads’ to my challenge count.  Here’s how:

In ‘My Books’ look to the right of the page and scroll down until you find the book you are looking for (or type the author or title in the little search bar next to ‘batch edit‘) and you will find some text saying ‘edit’. Click on it.

A screen showing the book should pop up and you can click on ‘Add read date’ at the bottom to add a reread. This will count towards your challenge books.

Goodreads reread 1

THEN I discovered that you can search for duplicates on your shelves

Imagine my HORROR at finding this:

Goodreads Find Duplicates

*hides head in shame*

Sigh of relief when I saw that I could simply delete the one I didn’t want!

What happens if you haven’t used Goodreads before, but have everything in an excel spreadsheet? Not to worry, because Goodreads has you covered!

On this same page, you can also export your bookshelves to excel, just in case you find a need to!

Goodreads import 1

Here’s the link to this page so that you can read all about how to do this 🙂

So, I know you’ve always wanted to sort out your stuff on Goodreads…..go! Just DO IT!!

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