You've written a story, now what?

First things first – seriously consider self publishing. There are so many advantages to doing this yourself, only one of which is the control you retain over the process. So, what is the process to follow?

  • Find an editor

An editor will examine your work closely, check for plot or character discrepancies and advise you on ways to make the story the best it can be. Do not miss this step!

  • Find a cover designer

It takes 3 seconds for someone to decide if they want to purchase your book or not. That decision is made by looking at the cover. Does it tell them what kind of story it is (business, romance etc)? You will lose prospective customers forever if your cover is not properly designed.

  • Prepare for publishing

Check if your cover designer can do the layout for printing when your cover is designed.  If not, this is a step you might want to consider doing yourself. However, follow tradition. There is no benefit in trying to be different in your basic layout. It is another way to lose prospective customers.

  • Use a proofreader to check the final version before pushing the button to publish

There is nothing worse to a reader than opening a book and spotting spelling mistakes, irregular spacing, grammatical errors and any of a multitude of other little, irritating issues in a book they have paid for. Some platforms allow for ebooks to be returned, so not only have you lost that money, but you have also lost someone who will buy your books in the future. You will also suffer reputational damage as word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool.

  • Release your baby into the world!

Launch your book into the world!

You have a book, how do you sell it?

There are many places and ways to sell your books, but the only way you will manage to dodge ever-changing rules and algorithms is by building an email list. This will, over time, give you access to hundreds, or even thousands, of people who actually enjoy what you write and are more likely to purchase your book than someone trolling through an online bookseller looking for something to read.  If you have subscribed to my wonderfully fun and informative newsletter, you will have received an ebook on the basics of promoting your book, but what else can you do? Get your website up and get blogging, vlogging or podcasting and connect with your readers. Check out the services I offer to see how I can help you on your book publishing journey. I look forward to seeing YOUR baby our in the world and doing well.