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Hang Ten With Ashleigh Giannoccaro

Hang Ten With Ashleigh Giannoccaro

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Ashleigh Giannoccaro

South African Author | Ashleigh Giannoccaro

Bestselling Author Ashleigh Giannoccaro writes edgy dark romance and erotic horror, self published by choice she writes the stories others don’t dare. Currently residing in Johannesburg South Africa with her husband and two daughters Ashleigh enjoys writing stories that make you fall in love with the unlovable and leave you asking questions. When not writing she can be found with her kindle in a sunny spot reading or traveling with her family.

In the Hang Ten feature spot today, Ashleigh answers some serious and some not so serious questions:

What authors did you dislike at first but grew into?

None. I’m super picky and only really read books I know I will enjoy. Life is too short for shitty books.

What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

I read a book when I was about thirteen, and it changed me and the way I saw literature. I knew then that words were very powerful things, and could change people — and ultimately the world. 

What are the most important magazines for writers to subscribe to (online or print and if any….!)?

Not so much a magazine, but Creative Penn podcasts are life! 

What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

That’s a trick question; no one has one favorite book of any kind. 

What are common traps for aspiring writers?

Not researching the industry first (you wouldn’t buy chicken farm if you didn’t know anything about chickens, publishing is the same). Vanity Press Publishers are a parasite and so easy to fall prey to. Also the disillusion that you’re going to get rich off your first and only book, or that this is an easy way to make money — it’s not! It is hard work, blood sweat and tears and sometimes you’ll break even, maybe. 

Do you think ghosts are real?

There’re people who don’t think they’re real? 

What food will you absolutely not, under any circumstances, eat?

Anything purple. It’s complicated, but most particularly purple sweets/candy of any kind.

What was the name of the first person you ever had a crush on? Why did you like them?

Barry, I was like nine, and he was the cool kid in class with his messy blond hair and bad attitude.  

How old is the most expired item in your fridge?

There’s meant to be stuff in the fridge? I’m an author my fridge is empty, I hate shops and people. 

Are your feet the same size?

As what? Yes they are the same size; both are stupidly small making buying shoes a nightmare. 

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