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So much fun!  The launch of ‘It Had To Be You’, Book 2 in the Crystal Valley series by author Melissa Kate was held at Skoobs Theatre of Books in a room decorated with cupcakes!  Not only was the room decorated with cupcakes, but there was an enormous cupcake on display (until it was eaten, of course) throughout the event!  I know, I am using too many exclamation marks but this event was just so much fun.

Remember the game of charades?  This is one I haven’t played for a long time, but there we were, playing charades!  Poor Melissa had to try and guess the names of love story movies which we tried to act out – oh dear!  The Titanic was one which was guessed in about two seconds – remember the scene where he holds her at the front of the ship and she stands with her arms spread?

Melissa Kate is a tiny lady with a vivacious personality.  She is married to her pre-school sweetheart, with whom she lost contact for 16 years.  They reconnected through Facebook, fell in love (again) and have been happily married ever since.  Now isn’t that a wonderful romance?

Ms Kate is a voracious reader and YouTube watcher.  She says she devoured the Sweet Valley High books as a girl (hidden behind much more appropriate reading material) and her favourite authors are Rachel Gibson and Lauren Layne – both prolific contemporary romance writers.  A romance story is one to fantasize about – perhaps our lives could have the happy ending which the characters find.

Ms Kate obtains inspiration from many places – even her own life.  She related a story where her husband was very grumpy in the car one day.  Being the strong, supportive woman she is, she put ‘Let It Go’ from the movie Frozen into the CD player and pumped the volume!  This story has been incorporated into one of her novels.

Her advice for writers:

  1. Make sure you so your research properly.  The hero in ‘It Had to be You’ is an ex-Navy Seal and to ensure that the character was authentic, she researched navy seals extensively.
  2. Learn how to take criticism, and keep writing.
  3. Listen to people who have been published in the market you want your books to be read.

Overall, a stunning launch by FireQuill and Melissa Kate.

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29 April 2017