The Odyssey | Peter Vinton


Peter Vinton launched three beautiful books of emotional verse.  The books are filled with glossy pages covered by stunning images along with his unique brand of poetry. 

During conversation with Helen Holyoake from Helco Promotions, Mr Vinton said that he was at a low point in his life and listening to the band Midnight Oil when he began writing.  His poems follow a structure similar to haiku in which the sound of the word used is the key.  He describes it as being ‘more than poetry in 50 words or less’.  As a writer, although he tries to be disciplined, he finds that his creativity comes in spurts and not necessarily at convenient times!  For this reason, he always carries a small notepad and pen wherever he goes.  He also noted that he feels that all the senses can be utilised when physically writing rather than typing on a computer.

Moving between the academic world and the creative world has come easily to this writer.  Mr Vinton left the world of academia to become a businessman.  However, it took a while for his writing to become more of a feature in his life.  After deciding to publish his writing, Mr Vinton searched for the right designer to bring his work to life.  Only with that goal accomplished, did his books become a reality.  His message to the reader is that even when in the depths of despair, you can find a way out and find happiness.

When asked what his greatest lesson learned with regard to marketing the books, he noted that the author is a part of the product.  It is necessary for the author to put a lot of effort into getting people interested in the book as books don’t sell themselves.  However, this can be very rewarding, not only in terms of sales, but in the interaction with people during the networking required.

What does the future hold for this author?  A fourth book in the Odyssey series – The Tears I Never Cried – which was actually the first written although is the first to be published, and he is currently taking an irreverent look at bachelorhood for his next publication.

18 May 2017

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