Post A Day | #65

Post A Day | #65 - Walking The Dog

30 October 2019

It is Wednesday, so ‘walk the dog’ day.
I used to hate this day of the week because it meant being out in the cold (shivering) or the heat (sweating), it meant an unruly dog, and any other thought that I could dredge up as a reason to hate this day. I walk with the behaviourist and another dog owner and we have been doing this since my dog was about 6 months old. He is now 3 years old, so we’ve been doing this for quite a while! Hate is such a strong word carrying such strong emotion. I wanted to remove this word from my vocabulary and so I started telling myself all the things that I love about this day. I love the fresh air; I love the opportunity to get away from my computer; I love seeing the foliage in the park change with the seasons (although that is a strong word here in South Africa because we usually go straight from winter and into summer with no spring and although the leaves on the trees do change colour in the autumn, it seems to go from really hot to really cold overnight); I love spending time with two ladies with whom I would never otherwise spend time with; I love watching the dogs play and swim. In fact there are so many things that I love about this day that there is no room left for any hate.
It does mess with my day; there is no doubt about that. At 10:30 I have to stop what I’m doing, get into my walking clothes – by which time the dog is beside himself because he knows what’s coming!), get the treats, leash up the dog and go out. The walk lasts an hour and we are back home by 12:15 but I am now a sweaty, hot mess and it takes me about an hour to cool down. I kid you not! This means that I can only start working again at about 1pm. That’s 2 and a half hours out of my day – and slap bang in the middle of it. BUT………..
Despite all it entails, I cannot begrudge that time. To see my hound run free, chase the birds, swim after sticks in the dam and to interact with other dogs (although I walk with the behaviourist because this can be a little bit of a problem…..!) is such a pleasure that I can’t help but love the entire experience.
So, don’t invite me to events on a Wednesday, don’t expect me to take your call or run around doing things for you because the answer will simply be no. I love walking my dog and this is one day and one appointment that I’m doing my best to keep.
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