Post A Day | #70 – Writing Sex

Post A Day | # 70 - Writing Sex

22 October 2019

I’ve been thinking about writing sex into a book, and I just don’t think that I can do it! In a romance novel, particularly the stories I listen to, it is a ‘must have’ part of the story, but can I write it? You see, stories are the fantasy, life is real. Reading about wonderful, amazing, incredible sex that gives the participants full body orgasms; where one participant LOVES eating pussy and another can swallow rivers of semen and a penis the size of a log is just that – a fantasy!
We all have ‘things’ and I think that one of my ‘things’ is sex! This kind of freedom has just not been a part of my reality, so how can I get myself to describe something that I have not experienced? I think that all authors insert a little of themselves into their stories. The first book/s from an author will be the most telling in terms of their life experiences. Of course, these are the stories that are rarely published, so don’t go looking for an author’s first story and expect to find them in it! As they progress with their writing, they are learning more and more about the craft and their creativity and imagination takes over. Once that point is reached, the world of imagination is their oyster!
So how am I going to get over myself to do something that I find uncomfortable? This is what these posts are helping me with. I never thought I would see myself writing a blog post about sex, but here I am! The idea is to take things one step at a time, get myself into a routine of writing every day – even if it is only 300 words, because every word takes you further towards the number of words needed for a novel.
I have read and listened to a multitude of books with all kinds of sex – m/m; f/f; m/f/m; f/m/f; m/f; ménage, toys, tying and beating, the list is endless! But can I write a scene from my imagination? That is what I need to find out. I think the way to do it is just to bite the bullet and get started, but there is a little knot in my stomach and it tells me that ‘this is not proper’; women like me don’t do this kind of thing. I have never been free in any way with sex and that is conditioning from my childhood. It was NEVER spoken about, there was no education of any sort in my house and speaking about sex with others still makes me very, very uncomfortable. So now I need to write sex into my novel and I am at a loss.
I need a plan of action…..(see……procrastination at its best!). The plan is: YOU GO GIRL! See you tomorrow so I can tell you about my sex scene writing experience!
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